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SCJ Martyrs

Introduction In our own century the martyrs have returned, many of them nameless, "unknown soldiers" as it were of God's great cause. As far as possible, their witness should not be lost to the Church. (John Paul II, Tertio Millennio Adveniente 37)

Spain 1936 "God's Blessings! Let all things be done according to the divine will. I am very happy to be able to suffer with Him, because He suffered so much for me, a poor sinner." (Letter from Fr. Mendez, a few days before his death).

Germany 1941 Fr. Franz Loh, scj: Victim of the Nazi Struggles Againsts Religious Life

Austria 1942 "I am in the hands of God; a Catholic priest must always be proud to carry and share in the cross of Our Master. My consolation lies in prayer and in union with God and, certainly, in your love for me." (Dachau Concentration Camp May 3, 1942, Fr. Stoffels wrote in a letter to his sister.)

Italy 1944 "There is no greater love than to give one's own life. Father Nicholas Martino Capelli revealed this in the way he lived and in the magnitude of his simple martyr's death."

Indonesia 1944/45 "The daily ration of rice varied from 100 to 300 grams. This treatment was the practice in Japanese concentration camps to weaken and slowly exterminate prisoners. The lack of nutrition led to the elimination of activities such as schools. Often the internees became too weak to attend camp funerals…"

Germany 1945 "He was busy with the resistance press and helped many young people to go underground in order to prevent the Gestapo from arresting them and sending them off to labor camps. When the Gestapo learned of this, he was arrested right in front of his pupils’ eyes! "

Kamerun 1959 “In the present situation one must have an imperturbable faith, absolute confidence and unblemished love... This requires us to offer ourselves in His service and to be united ourselves with His sacrifice, the Cross.” (Fr. Héberlé, September 9, 1959.)

Congo 1964 “For the love of the gospel the SCJs left their homeland to come to Africa. For the love of Christ they awaited the arrival of a chaotic revolution in the Congo even if many of them could easily have fled." (Fr. Tessarolo)

Brazil 1975 Promoting the human person, teaching them how to work, showing them the way to confront the struggles that lie ahead. His Church is the sea, the ship is his altar. Always ready to help the faithful on his vine.